As part of European Mobility Week, today was presented Spin City, project that brings the first car sharing service in Croatia’s capital city at the next spring.

Spin City car sharing will allow the Zagreb community to share vehicles to drive around the city and its surroundings. Fleet will consist of 30 Volkswagen up! vehicles, which will include 10 electric cars, at the public’s disposal located around the city. Users will be able to locate the nearest vehicle via their smart phones, which will also be used to unlock the vehicles. All one has to do is register on Spin City’s website (spincity.hr) to be able to access the cars to use. Users will be charged for the exact amount of time for using the car. Last but not at least, fuel, parking, insurance, maintenance and cleaning are included, as well as one-way trips.

On behalf of the City of Zagreb, the participants were addressed by Mayor Milan Bandić, who pointed out that the new service would certainly improve the network of Zagreb’s public transport but it will have a positive impact on the environment, since they are 10 vehicles in the fleet of 30 electrically powered . In addition to reducing traffic loads and air pollution, through green initiatives and projects such as Spin City and bike sharing, which is already several years in Zagreb, our capital is further confirmed by the title of eco-metropolis – he said.

Among the main advantages of Spin City car sharing include:

Go where and whenever you want at no cost to you as the owner of the vehicle – no maintenance costs, fuel or power, parking, insurance, registration, taxes, cleaning…

No paperwork nor the administration hassle that comes with classical rent-a-cars.

Car sharing is environmentally friendly because it reduces environmental pollution and minimizes the traffic of passenger cars.

Car sharing improves the quality of life in cities.

Spin City service will allow fexible and eco-friendly moving around the city. With the use of  modern technology, the concept integrates sharing economy with modern green economy. Through such a defined system, Spin City customers will be able to rent a vehicle just as much as they need, without the cost of ownership and its maintenance. This improves the quality of their life and their fellow citizens, said Matija Krznar, CEO of Urban Mobility, which runs a service Spin City.

Spin City - press conference 2015 Spin City - press conference